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  1. Roleplay games only. Any type of play-by-post roleplaying game is welcome, excepting:
    • Pornographic and mature games. They are prohibited as per gotop100's Terms of Service.
    • RPGs with hidden forums.
    • RPGs not reciprocating Forum Roleplay's topsite voting link.
  2. Your site will not show up on the topsite until it has accumulated five votes.
  3. Use only proper capitalization and spacing for your title and description.
  4. Votes are counted once every 24 hours and never reset. The topsite updates every 30 minutes. You may not immediately see a vote reflected.

Topsite Membership Policies

  1. Deactivation: Inactive, outdated, broken, or otherwise inaccessible RPGs are periodically deactivated (last flush: JULY2013). Login and fix things in order to reactivate your link. Deactivated listings' votes are saved!
  2. Deletion: Games in flagrant violation of the rules are deleted. Deleted listings' votes are not saved.
  3. Duplicate Listings: If your game reopens, moves boards, etc. DO NOT re-register. If you register a game twice (even if it's different "versions") BOTH of your listings may be deleted.
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City of Rune
286 City of Rune.
City of Unlimited Possibilities.

Welcome to Rune, the crossroads city that intersects all of space and time. Here, anyone can meet anyone, and frequently do. People from all places and all timelines come to settle in the most diverse cit
In: 5
Out: 17

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To Walk Among Us
287 So the Gods existed? They walked among us for all our lives and though many fof their exploits are recorded for the humans, we stopped hearing about them for one reason or another. But that didn't stop them being here- its just that noone wanted to hear a In: 5
Out: 10

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